A High Elf Rogue, another in a long lineage of career criminals.


Gna’ar is a criminal of the most hated kind – one that turned his back and betrayed those who might give him a life beyond thievery and smuggling simply to take what he wanted from them. In his younger life he worked for a successful weapons smith named Mixie, setting up trade agreements far and wide to sell her weapons. It was on the road he realized that trading illegally in weapons, books, and drugs was far more profitable – and fun – than any legal merchant work. Thinking about how much money he could be making kept him up at night. It was then that he decided to strike.

He returned to Mixie’s home and shop in the middle of the night, climbing in the rafters and leaping down on the single guard from above, knocking him out cold. He slit Mixie’s throat while she slept (one too many negative employee reviews) and took everything of value he could get his hands on. A young apprentice named Rakkson who worked at a competing shop was taken away in the morning – no one in the town trusted him – and to this day, Rakkson rots in jail for Gna’ars crimes. Gna’ar thinks about it sometimes; it brings a smile to his scarred face. Rakkson was kind of an asshole.

Gna’ar has continued to be a smuggler of anything and everything illegal, though he prefers weapons to books and drugs. He has continued to use Mixie’s business contacts to his advantage, and is well-versed in the art of talking himself into getting a better deal or out of a border checkpoint stop. He is far more than an ordinary smuggler, however, and it becomes clear when Gna’ar is put in situations that make him nervous. The elf is an incredible gymnast, performing feats largely reserved for monks or the circus. If something doesn’t smell right to him, before you can shout “get down from there!” Gna’ar will usually have disappeared into the ceiling rafters already. He has had access to this talent from a very young age, but when asked about it, he has nothing to say. “I’ve always been able to do it,” he’s likely to tell you, “but don’t ask me where I got it!” The truth is that his family has a long history of rogueish, batman-ish behavior, going back through several generations of thieves and grifters. However, Gna’ar has not really known his parents or siblings. He does not even know if they are alive; all he has are faint memories from long ago.


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